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Celebrating Australian Heritage
Times and Venue

THEME: The Rise of Cancel Culture

DATE: Sat 6, Nov 2021

TIME: 1PM - 4:30PM

VENUE:  St Mary & Archangel Michael Church. 318 Shepperton Rd, East Victoria Park


About Us

Welcome to the Australian Christian Heritage Initiative (ACHI)

The Australian Christian Heritage Initiative is an event that celebrates Australian rich cultural heritage and the struggles that evolved its values and culture. For instance, Australia got its name in 1606 when Captain Pedro Fernandez de Quiros proclaimed it as Southern Land of the Holy Ghost. The Australian Light Horsemen helped to liberate Jerusalem in 1917. Moreover, Perth was proclaimed City of Light in 1962.

The event is called Australian Christian Heritage Initiative in order to celebrate the significance of “The Christian Heritage” in the History of Australia and it is celebrated in September when the current flag of Australia was adopted.

As a migrant, I appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Australia more. Therefore, I am very passionate to let every nation and community to understand and possibly appreciate this glorious heritage. Most countries, new migrants to Australia and the younger generations in Australia do not know all the details on how Australia started and the struggles that followed thereafter that evolved the present Australia.

The annual Australian Christian Heritage Initiative (ACHI) conference is to celebrate Australian history and its heritage. Festival of Light incorporated is an organisation formed to celebrate the Australian heritage. ACHI is the gathering of different nationalities in Australia to celebrate Australian heritage in such a way that the participating communities and nationalities have a better understanding of each other; which fosters cohesion amongst the communities and less violence and discrimination. The conference also incorporates seminars and workshops on issues and challenges affecting Australia people.

I hereby invite you to join me not only to celebrate but also to create an opportunity for the whole world to understand and appreciate Australia heritage.

The ACHI Team