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Celebrating Australian Heritage
Times and Venue

THEME: The Rise of Cancel Culture

DATE: Sat 6, Nov 2021

TIME: 1PM - 4:30PM

VENUE:  St Mary & Archangel Michael Church. 318 Shepperton Rd, East Victoria Park


Mission Statement


To bring the various communities together in Australia, starting with Perth, under the truth of our common Christian heritage.


To be a major driver in building Australia’s heritage as a unifying force for bringing cohesion among the various communities in Australia starting from Perth.


  • To recognise, take ownership of, and build Australia’s Christian Heritage through:
  • Outreach to, and compassion for the needy
  • Living peacefully
  • Respect for individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or background
  • Promoting equal opportunities across all walks of life.
  • Fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between communities
  • Enhancing cultural exchange between Australia and other nations
  • Building of communities through seminars and symposiums

Key Areas of Concern

Loss of identity and purpose

Low self-esteem

Increase in depression and mental health

Tackling gambling issues

Dealing with drugs and alcohol issues

Dealing with domestic Violence

Dealing with Suicidal issues

Facing anti-social behaviours

General loss of a moral compass