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Celebrating Australian Heritage
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Times and Venue

THEME: Engage In Change

DATE: 9th - 10th Sept 2016

TIME: Fri - 7:30 - 9PM, Sat - 10AM - 2PM

VENUE:  Mills Park Function Centre, 86 Brixton Street Beckenham WA 6107




• To restore the Australian heritage:

  •      Compassion for the needy
  •      Living peacefully
  •      Respect for individuals regardless of race, ethnicity or background
  •      Promoting equal opportunities across all walks of life.

• To foster mutual understanding & cooperation between the communities
• To enhance cultural exchange between Australia and other nations
• Empowering the communities through seminars and symposiums

Key Performance Areas

Tackling gambling issues
Dealing with drugs and alcohol issues Dealing with domestic Violence
Dealing with Suicidal issues- preventative training and Other social issues pervading our society